Why Real Estate?

Financial Freedom

Create Business, Money Your Premium Real Estate Business For A Lifetime

2) The other 1% achieve wealth and live the american dream instead of the american nightmare. See the diagram to the right.

3) And lets not forget the 85% of the college grads and high school grads that as adults have to move back in with mom and dad. They put all that hard work, time and money into getting the upgraded education and either have to accept a low paying position or can't find a job in their profession. With all that education they are just hoping to get a job just to cover their monthly nut as I call it. That's why its called a JOB (Just Over Broke)

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Your Path To Wealth

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Its a wealth cycle that builds true Short Term (Massive) and long term (Passive) Wealth. Business income to support your investing. Investing to support long term lifestyle.

The answer is RENATUS

Local Real Estate Investors working together to create a better nation, Community and success through hands on development. The Renatus community of investors working together to achieve much more than education alone can do. Through real estate real deal tours, work shops, mentorship and so much more hands on systems students have the opportunity to work with us live on actual real estate transactions and learn hands on what it takes to succeed in todays real estate market. And after all win/win SUCCESS it what its all about right?